Intro: The Chartres Labyrinth and Its 5 & 7-Circuit Variations

Creating the Chartres Labyrinth

Since nobody knows where or when the first Classical Labyrinth was drawn, there is no definitive form of the Classical pattern. Chartres is a different story, as not only is the design more intricate in terms of the pattern, but also we can study the original and do our best to recreate its geometry in craft and proportion. So while it is befitting to draw Classical labyrinths freehand (as many of the originals were created organically) to create a Chartres replica we need more refined tools for greater precision.

Creating the Chartres Labyrinth is also the opposite approach of the seed patterns. Instead of drawing the seed and connecting the turns and line ends with arcing circuits, we begin drawing concentric circles and then 'opening up' the entrance, turns and center path.

11d-Chartres Variations Circuits Removed - essence eaglecrest.pdf
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