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Course Description

Learn the ins and outs of labyrinths from Classical to Chartres and create your own contemporary design! Explore the history, evolution and classification of labyrinths and consider the essential characteristics that define the archetype. Draw a variety of Classical Labyrinths from seed patterns to see how simple adjustments benefit various aspects of the experience.

The second session highlights the beloved Chartres Labyrinth and its variations. Create a 5-Circuit Heart of Chartres drawing including the center rosette and lunations using a simple method and homemade tools and templates. Apply what you've learned to draw a full 11-Circuit Chartres or other concentric designs. Finally, we'll consider how to create new labyrinths and variations looking at case studies of personal and professional projects.

Over five hours of newly recorded videos on the Teachable platform allow you to work at your own pace alongside PDF handouts, photos, and the option to post questions and comments.

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