Introduction and Overview

Course Description (Session 2)

Learn the ins and outs of the Chartres Labyrinth and create your own contemporary design! Create a 5-Circuit Heart of Chartres drawing including the center rosette and lunations using a simple method and homemade tools and templates. Apply what you've learned to draw a full 11-Circuit Chartres or other concentric designs. Finally, we'll consider how to create archetypal variations and new labyrinths looking at case studies of my personal and professional projects.

Over two and a half hours of newly recorded videos on the Teachable platform allow you to work at your own pace alongside PDF handouts, photos, and the option to post questions and comments. This is the second session of the full course for those who prefer to focus on Chartres and Contemporary Labyrinths. If you enjoy this class you may also be interested in enrolling in Session 1 which covers the Classical Labyrinth, a study of its essential traits, and labyrinth evolution and classification.

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